About Anne 

Anne Tochka arrived on Cape Cod several years ago for the summer and found herself staying year round to soak up the inspiration found in the gorgeous landscapes in every season. Before becoming a full time painter, she attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and graduated with a BFA in Communications Design: Illustration. Educated as a visual storyteller, Anne further developed this skill in her professional life as a visual merchandiser and designer. She brings this training to her current work, using brushstrokes and color to describe the complex beauty in the world around her.

Anne has completed artist residencies in Sibiu, Romania and Puebla, Mexico. Immersion in unfamiliar settings and cultures has strengthened her visual language and given her the space to explore communicating specific places through painting.

Anne will be traveling to a painting residency in Cusco, Peru this Spring. Her work has been shown in galleries in New York City, Boston, and internationally.

Painting at the ASTRA museum in Sibiu, Romania

Painting at the ASTRA museum in Sibiu, Romania

Anne’s Work

After completing an artist residency in Romania with a focus on en plein air painting, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to move to the Cape. The timing was perfection, as I fell in love with the incredible light and explored the beaches, dunes, bogs, and forests to my heart’s content. While summer is king on Cape Cod for good reason, the other seasons have delighted and surprised me into studying them more fully.

My ambles about the Cape are often a solitary adventure but in my landscapes I share the paradox of feeling completely alone in the world and at the same time deeply grounded and connected to every other living plant and animal. I use my paintings as a visual language to communicate this interconnectivity with the viewer. When I put paint to canvas I am telling about the shock of the noon sun hitting a rock or pointing out the contrast of the cloudy gray sky against the rippling gray ocean. Almost everyone carries a camera in their pockets and can instantly capture a picture of a place. But in my paintings I strive to convey a feeling that places the viewer not just in that location but in that specific moment in time.



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